Anonymous: Dear yearbook staff

WE DID DO GREAT TODAY. I love you all so much! Though I love some of you more than others, every single one of you are perfect and what make yearbook so awesome-possum! You guys are perf and I would do anything for you guys! We’re going to make the greatest yearbook and we’re ont too far from that according to MiMi! hwaiting!

why are we still awakezz

hehe cute foodz from cha tea. late night boba run on theme packet night! 

yay. yearbook camp, guiz. GRAPES!

Finished @kaikai_li and @tracyxxx inserts! YAAAY! #yearbook #fun #friends (Taken with instagram)

#yearbook #school #freshman #year thank you, #yerds !✨ it’s wonderful! (Taken with instagram)